AVD welcomes Prof. Itamar Aroch as HKVDC Head of Clinical Pathology

Pr Itamar Aroch photo

Prof. Itamar Aroch is graduate (1990) of the Koret School of Veterinary Medicine (KSVM), Hebrew University of Jerusalem (HUJI). He has completed a rotational internship in small animal medicine (1991) and residency in small animal internal medicine (1994) at the Hebrew University Veterinary Teaching hospital (HUVTH). He is a diplomate of the ECVIM-CA (Internal Medicine; 2001). He is an Associate Professor at the KSVM, has been teaching veterinary clinical pathology and small animal internal medicine since 1992, head of the HUVTH diagnostic laboratory since 2002 and the Small Animal Internal Medicine Residency Programme Director since 2010. His research is focused in markers of diseases, infectious diseases (ehrlichiosis, spirocercosis), canine and feline diseases (heatstroke, snakebites, pancreatitis and hepatic lipidosis) and clinical pathology. He has published >100 papers in peer-reviewed journals, many of which are in the field of clinical pathology, and 2 book chapters. He is in the advisory board of the Veterinary Clinical Pathology journal.