Small biopsy specimen< 8 cm maximum dimension
Single small specimen
Second small specimen from the same animal (different site)
Each additional small specimen from the same site
Large biopsy specimen> 8 cm dimension
Single large specimen
Second large specimen from the same animal (different site)
Skin biopsy specimen 
Skin punch biopsy samplesUp to 3 from the same animal
Each additional skin punch from the same animal
Endoscopic biopsy specimens 
Endoscopic biopsy samplesUp to 20 from one site
Endoscopic biopsy samples from a different site in the same animal 
Liver-plus panel 
Standard histology plus panel of Fouchet's, Perl's Prussian blue, reticulin and rubeanic acid stainsSmall liver biopsy sample (<8cm)
Additional services 
Panel of special stains for infectious disease screening (Gram, periodic acid-Schiff and Ziehl Neelsen)Recommended after histopathology
Other individual special stainsRecommended after histopathology
Decalcification fee (for tissues containing bone; applied in addition to histology charge)
FISH (Fluorescence in-situ hybridization) testing- first tissue (turnaround time 7-12 days- call laboratory for availability)Recommended after histopathology
FISH (Fluorescence in-situ hybridization) testing- additional tissues
Second opinion on case from another laboratory
Internal second opinion by second-tier specialist pathologist